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Over 200 channels, yet nothing's on any of them.
Tonight something happened,
but we don't really care.
We're too busy showing
film stars in underwear.

People may have died,
But it doesn't bother us.
So sit back while we show you
10 channels of pure dross.

Why learn that we'll get bombed
In oh, about four days,
Why not just watch the TV show
about some passing craze.

Of course, we film a show
showing what we call 'news'
But we consider it a chance
to lie back and have a snooze.

Why should we show events
that go down in history,
when we can give you shows about
Z-list celebrities.

Every day we show things
that are all the same,
And it seems that our intention
is to slowly melt your brain.

It's time for us to leave you,
But we'll be back, I'm sure.
So just tune in tomorrow and
get bored to death once more.

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