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Originally written for a flash movie that never materialized. An old, out of date computer laments its situation.
I remember when I was new,
When they were all my friend,
The only thing they wanted to do,
Was play 'till the day's end.

I remember every detail,
The good times and the bad,
I crashed, and I froze, and I failed,
But still, they didn't get mad,

But that's no longer so.
I've been replaced by something new
It's power makes me look slow
and my modem flows like glue

I just feel sorry for myself,
It seems that no one cares;
All I can do is lie on a shelf
In a forgotten closet somewhere.

But wait! Despite my defects
They're plugging me in once more,
Have I strangely regained their respect?
It'll be like old times, I'm sure.

Of course! It seems that all data
of mine is being relocated;
Now my speed will not matter,
And I will no longer be dated.

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