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My attempt at freeform poetry was not very successful. Mainly because I knew little about freeform poetry.
Poems have got too
Boring they usually rhyme
In exact
Ly the same lines
And with old recycled lines.

A limerick
Makes me sick
With its lack of creativity,
Just the same old rhyming is all we see,
It’s really hard to be
Anything more than a robot
Writing old recycled lines.

So rhyme
Where you want
Or maybe not at all,
(You may even want to
Use brackets),

Don’t be stopped at the pointless barriers
And break down the wall, barring you with metaphors,
And similes like a cliché,
What isn’t ‘right’,
And you can make lines as big as you ever wanted with no limits to what you can achieve in the end,
And please don’t write poems
With old recycled lines.
The sky’s not the limit,
Try Jupiter or Mars,
Or even go so far that you
Finally reach the
Outer galaxies.

And in doing so, we’ll let all poems be free.

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