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Although photomanipulation is nothing new, the invention of picture manipulation software like Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks made it much easier and more popular. Entire websites and communities have been set up to provide a way for people to get their creative photomanipulation out to the public. Some websites have entire sections dedicated to this type of image. One of these is, which is wonderful and amazing and brilliant and it's webmaster is the greatest person ever and deserves to be President of the Universe. Yes.

Films and Media
A Peaceful Alternative (46KB)
Newsround Parody (92KB)
The Donut (44KB)

The Beans Series
I (20KB) II (26KB) III (15KB) IV (22KB) V (17KB) VI (22KB) VII (29KB) VIII (44KB) IX (20KB) X (36KB)

Trees (800x600) (74KB)
Trees (1024x768) (113KB)

Can't Be Bothered to Photoshop (44KB)
The Latest Technology (14KB)

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