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I have no idea anyone would want to link to this site, but in case you do, here's some standard-sized link images if you desire them.

support button 1
88x31, 2KB
Web pages: <a href="http://www.beatstelevision.com"><img src="http://www.beatstelevision.com/btvsupport1.gif" border=0></a>
Message Boards: [url=http://www.beatstelevision.com] [img]http://www.beatstelevision.com/btvsupport1.gif[/img] [/url]

support button 2
80x15, 600 bytes
Web pages: <a href="http://www.beatstelevision.com"><img src="http://www.beatstelevision.com/btvsupport2.gif" border=0></a>
Message Boards: [url=http://www.beatstelevision.com] [img]http://www.beatstelevision.com/btvsupport2.gif[/img] [/url]

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