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A short history of the site.

Mk. 1

Mk. 2

Teepee's Official Site

These two designs - the first and second versions - were the first incarnation of Beats Television. They were a lot different to the site today, in that instead of things I had made they contained information about myself and pictures of me and my family on holiday. The site was located in the web space given to users of globalnet, my ISP at the time. Both designs were taken from the same template, and the first version's title was simply "Example Frame Page"

Mk. 3

Mk. 4

Tom's Site

A few years later, the family photographs and personal information were hideously outdated. I no longer wanted a website containing top 10 lists and explanations of personal in-jokes. So, I quickly set up a simple web site with little content and no design to speak of. In a few weeks, I had added a header image and added content, and the first Tom's Site was born. Tom's Site was much closer to Beats Television today, in that it scrapped all personal information and replaced it with things that I had created on the computer. After another year or so, I made the new Tom's Site, with pretty much the same content and a redesign that consisted purely of adding a small blue gradient in the corner. This version can still be seen here.

Mk. 5

Mk. 6

Beats Television

The old Tom's Site was still hosted by globalnet, and although that was fine for my last few sites, I wanted to do something a little bit different- I wanted to use php to make an easily updated website. I bought the domain beatstelevision.com (a tenuous reference to an internet animation studio on The Simpsons, betterThanTV.com) and with the help of a few php tutorials, started up the first version of the Beats Television site, and the fifth version of my website overall. The site was designed around a windows-like metaphor, with the menu taking the appearance of a windows drop-down menu, and the content contained in window-like boxes with non-working close icons at the top right. To keep file size down, all images were enlarged pixelated icons. This proved problematic, as the menu wasn't very recognizable as a menu.

This brings us to the sixth, and current design of Beats Television. This new version contains a refined php system, a self-coded update and comment system, and, of course, more content.

Please contact me if there are any errors with the site.
If you really want to use something from my site, feel free. Just credit beatstelevision.com as the original author. That means you, ebaum.
Quiet, Greg.