The hyperlink was developed by Tim Berners-Lee of CERN along with the rest of the World Wide Web, and has remained one of it's defining technologies. Even though tables are being replaced with CSS, images are being replaced by Flash and other interactive elements, the hyperlink is still keeping it's status as the most commonly used html objects on the web. Strangely, despite this globally recognized fame, it doesn't have it's own HTML tag, latching on instead to the <a> tag for some reason. The hyperlink is not simply for internal links. it can also be used for external references. This idea is commonly used in blogs, and sometimes websites even have a special section reserved simply for hyperlinks to websites the owner finds interesting. This is one of those pages. And I doubt anyone actually bothered to read all that.

Message Boards
Madness Temple
The No Homers Club

The Sharpener
BBC News Magazine
Snail Obsession

Creative Stuff
Improv Everywhere
Random USA
Rubber Cat Productions
Pictures That Induce Laughter
I Can Draw Better Than You
Weebl's Stuff
Mint Imperial
Sketchy Animation
Alien Zoo
Bit 101

Questionable Content
Cat and Girl
Beaver and Steve
Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life
Tailsteak (also: One Over Zero)
A Softer World
A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible

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