The human eye does not give an exactly up-to-date version of the world. Due to something called persistence of vision, it keeps seeing images for a tenth of a second afterwards. While this does not have much of a negative aspect, it allows us to see sequences of similar images displayed very quickly as a moving image, thus creating the effect of animation. Animation used to be a laborious process involving transparent materials or hundreds of photographs of plasticine models, but computer technology like Flash has allowed animation to become something that anyone can do. However, it's still not something that just anyone can do well. This section is probably evidence of that.

The .gif file format, as well as providing good compression for files with large areas of colour, also has the capacity for animation. You can see the results here.

Macromedia Flash is one of the leading animation tools on the internet, and it's Flash Plugin is installed on over 90% of computers. If you're one of the other 10%, you'll need to install it to view these. Whether or not it's worth it, however, is another matter entirely.

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